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These galleries are all comprised of Acrylic on canvas with dimensions noted in inches. Unless noted all pieces have been sold. However pieces can be commissioned via filling out the form About the Artist. Enjoy Watching the videos associated with the 2D art.

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Aspen Gallery

Coming from Divide Colorado to Cripple Creek in the Fall is such a thrill. The Aspens perform magic on the landscape in the form of yellow, orange and red. The cool nights and lack of light simply are revealed when the green hues from chlorophyll production fade. Recent local weather conditions and available moisture influence these expansive golden vistas.

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Mountain Gallery

Amazing chiseled granite rock that form strong angles and smooth surfaces. Mountains always amaze me in how they form structures of strength. The Rocky Mountains are both fun and challenging to paint. Often times the morning light capture their majestic beauty while the sunset light show their mystery.
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Garden of the Gods Gallery

Garden of the Gods is located at the base of Pikes Peak. Multiple American Indian Nations traveled through Garden of the Gods. The Utes' oral traditions tell of their creation at the Garden of the Gods, and petroglyphs have been found in the park that are typical of early Utes. The Utes found red rocks to have a spiritual connection and camped near Manitou Springs and the creek near Rock Ledge Ranch bordering Garden of the Gods.

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Pikes Peak Gallery

I live in Woodland Park and Pikes Peak is just outside my Back Door. Every Morning there is a new look to this very old mountain. In this gallery I have included some of the surrounding areas such as Ute Pass and the Crags. Not only popular hiking areas but places of such beauty.
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Horses and Indian Gallery

Somewhat a new quest - Horses with their strength, wildness, and beauty. Add the lore and truth of the American Indians and the story becomes even more majestic.
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Water Falls & Lakes Gallery

Water Water Water - Lakes and Water Falls. Love the patterns and translucent colors that water plays in nature. All of which come from our wonderful Rocky Mountain area.
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Hudson River Gallery

A mid-19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by Romanticism. My favorite were Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstai

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Potpourri Gallery

A small collection of exciting misfits.

About the Artist

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Colorado Springs Native and Lifelong Artist

Dale has had a natural passion for art that came into fruition during his high school years when he studied oil painting.

After high school he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Art History at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He recently retired from Keysight (formerly Hewlett Packard) where he worked as an Electronics Engineer 45 years, all the while pursuing his art career.

Dale has a broad range of skills and creates his paintings using a variety of medium including oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels and airbrush. He continues to experiment with brush strokes, light techniques and is able to draw the viewer into his paintings with a talent for making the light source incredibly striking. He is known for his original landscapes but has recently added some Western style art to his repertoire, including a talent for portraying the noble stature of an Arabian steed.

Some of Dale’s work is on display at the Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City.

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